Monday 9-4.30pm

Tuesday 9-4.30pm

Wednesday 9.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 9-3.00pm

Friday 9-3.00pm

N.B. Monday-Wednesdays -  We often have Oxygen Therapy sessions taking place at 5.30pm and 7pm. If you are interested please enquire as to whether this is happening currently.

We continue to operate with a Covid-safe environment. Mask wearing is not mandatory but we ask that members respect others who may still be anxious or vulnerable. Please do not visit if you have any Covid or Flu type symptoms.

When attending one-to-one therapies please be respectful if a therapist asks that you wear a mask.

Working together to improve the mental and physical health, well-being and life chances of people in Sussex living with Multiple Sclerosis

Sussex MS Centre is a user led charity that provides vital therapy, advice and support to people affected by MS in order to enhance their wellbeing and empower them to live more full and productive lives.

The Centre welcomes members from all over Sussex. We see up to 100 people a week visiting for therapies, classes and Oxygen Therapy sessions.