Oxygen Therapy

At the Sussex MS Centre we have been providing Oxygen Therapy for over 25 years. The therapy involves sitting in a chamber that is pressurised, very much like sitting in an aircraft. Our chamber seats up to five people per session.

Oxygen is essential to every one of the tissues in the body and any tissue injury requires oxygen for healing.

Nerve damage in MS is the result of inflammation, which in turn causes scarring. It is the scar tissue that prevents messages getting from the brain to the limbs, thus resulting in disability.

By breathing high dosage oxygen under pressure, extra oxygen is absorbed into the tissue. Oxygen Therapy can help reduce swelling and inflammation, promotes healing to infected or slow healing areas, and works as an immune regulator, assisting the body in fighting off viruses and bad bacteria. It also encourages new blood vessels to grow and carry additional blood.

Oxygen Therapy can increase oxygen in the body up to 1000% through the increased pressure of the oxygen chamber. Members breathe oxygen through a mask or hood, whilst the pressure on the inside of the chamber is increased. The more the pressure is increased, the more oxygen the person’s body is able to saturate in to their system.

As an alternative people are able to take 'outside' oxygen which means breathing high dosage oxygen but not under pressure or being in our chamber. This still promotes healing.

We run our oxygen chamber from Monday to Friday with between four and seven sessions per day.

If you would like to talk more about Oxygen Therapy or are yet to try it, please call us or come into the Centre to have a chat with EJ or Ali.


Times of Oxygen Sessions

9.00am 10.30am 12noon 1.30pm 3.00pm 5.30pm 7.00pm
Monday 1.75 (24ft) 2.0 (33ft) 1.5 (16ft) 2.0 (33ft)
Tuesday 1.75 (24ft) 2.0 (33ft) 1.5 (16ft) 2.0 (33ft) 2.0 (33ft)
Wednesday 2.0 (33ft) 1.5 (16ft) 1.75 (24ft) 1.75 (24ft) 1.5 (16ft) 1.5 (16ft) 2.0 (33ft)
Thursday 1.5 (16ft) 2.0 (33ft) 1.75 (24ft) 2.0 (33ft) 1.5 (16ft)
Friday 1.75 (24ft) 1.5 (16ft) 1.75 (24ft) 2.0 (33ft)


Anyone who wishes to use the chamber is asked to become a member of the centre which carries a joining fee of £15, with a £15 annual subscription due each January thereafter.

For people with neurological conditions we have a suggested donation of £10 per treatment, for those with other conditions please speak to a member of staff.

As we have a high level of interest from people for use of the Oxygen Chamber, we have to reserve treatment for people with neurological conditions first, if we have enough spaces in our treatment schedule then we may be able to offer up places to people with other conditions.

Please note: our chamber usually seats five people and places are in high demand. Always ring to book sessions in advance. The table above is for information only.


Further Reading


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I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1980 aged 40. By sheer good luck I began having High Dosage Oxygen Therapy  at the Sussex MS Centre around 1984 and have continued weekly with benefit to the present day - now aged 79.

Christopher Fox-Walker

I have found that MS, or many scarrings, is not a diagnosis. It is only a description of the pathology or symptoms and the cause of the disease underlying MS remains unknown.

Christopher Fox-Walker

My experience has demonstrated that regular long-term Oxygen Therapy has slowed down the progression of symptoms and the walking disability I have now. Oxygen Therapy is simple, safe, inexpensive and without any significant side-effects. Oxygen heals inflammation.

Christopher Fox-Walker

I have never used any prescriptive drug therapy. I consider myself to be fortunate as one of the oldest members of the Sussex MS Centre.

Christopher Fox-Walker

I have suffered severe shin splints for over seven years as well as a multitude of back problems which have kept me house bound most of the time, due to not being able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes without chronic pain.

I have had 20 Oxygen Therapy sessions over two months and am amazed at the results: my shins are less painful on a day to day basis; I am able to gently exercise using a cross-trainer without too much discomfort.


I have started working out using free weights and feel pretty good afterwards – something I haven’t been able to do in years. I’d estimate my back problems are over 50% better (this has been in combination with my chiropractor manipulating my back more and taking high strength curcumin tablets).

I believe most of my physical problems have been from inflammation in my back and shins – the latter confirmed by an MRI result.


Oxygen Therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation and for that I am extremely grateful to EJ, Emily and the amazing team of volunteers at the MS Centre who have been so welcoming in letting me take full advantage of this incredible healing facility. I feel I have a fair way to go before being fully recovered but I am very optimistic!