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Autumn tidy in the garden




Our volunteer Bev who is a keen gardener has been working hard in the back garden this week which is a complete relief as it was getting rather messy after a glorious summer!

Bev has been preparing our raised veggie bed by taking out all the old tomato and courgette plants and raking over the soil ready for planting for the winter. Theres lots of green tomatoes on offer and some left over baby courgettes on offer in the cafe! She even found some hidden baby carrots! Roll up to our mini veggie market.

It’s a small space so we’ve got a simple plan. We thought red and white onion sets and garlic will be easy and low maintenance. Hopefully it’ll provide a bit of colour and look pretty over the chilly months. We hope to be able to offer these basics to members come harvest time!


Raised veggie bed

Our beautiful raised flower bed is lovely but past its best – we are leaving it for the time being but have been collecting seeds for next year: Calendula (marigold), Nigella and Poppy seeds.

Raised flower bed