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Oxygen Chamber Operators (Cover)

What is Oxygen Therapy?

The oxygen in the air we breathe is constantly treating the day to day damage we sustain – repairing and renewing our cells.

When tissues are damaged the capillaries they contain are also damaged. This reduces the flow of blood that transports oxygen, which may limit or even prevent recovery.

Being a gas, the concentration of oxygen in blood is actually determined by the air pressure surrounding us. To significantly increase the oxygen concentration in blood to improve healing a higher dose is needed – 100% oxygen delivered by a mask and the use of a sealed room, known as a “barochamber” to allow an increase in pressure.

What do we require?

We are looking for people who would be happy to train up as a Volunteer Oxygen Chamber Operator and who could be available for cover as and when; to be on call for shifts that other volunteers can’t make due to either ill health or holidays.

All travel expenses will be paid if required.

You do not need to have any specific experience as you will receive full training.

This is a real people person volunteer role as you need to be able to put people at ease, deal with people doing it for the first time and fitting them with suitable masks.

Operators spend 70 minutes per session as once you have pressurised the chamber which takes approximately 10 minutes the session is 55 minutes followed by de-pressurising the chamber for a further 10 minutes. Your job is to watch the desk controls to ensure the Health and Safety of those in the chamber and to be able to act in an emergency – full training will be given on this and you also need to be able to fit masks for members.

Having a good book to read is thoroughly recommended although you need to be keeping an eye on the controls to ensure the safety of those in the chamber. The oxygen chamber is a low risk environment but does need monitoring carefully.