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Winners of Local Hero Sussex Community Star and Care Award!




From Arugus Press Release 9/7/21

We were very proud and excited to be nominated for the Sussex Community and Care Star Awards! So, when we found out that we’d been shortlisted as finalists in two categories and then that we’d won the Local Hero Award, we were absolutely over the moon!

Coming after nearly eighteen months of Covid restrictions, it was just the tonic we needed!

We’ve always known that Sussex MS Centre is full of heroes and superheroes, not least our amazing cohort of staff, volunteers, members, fundraisers and supporters. They really are the rock that we rely on, and without them we simply could not provide such a high level of services to our members – from Oxygen Therapy to Keep Fit classes to Acupuncture, to name but a few.

Centre Manager, Emily Jane (EJ) Stuttard says, ‘We are honoured to receive this award. I can’t begin to express my thanks to all our outstanding volunteers, our tireless Support Officer, Ali Dunn, and our Trustees, who have supported me unfailingly, sharing the burden and lightening the load, not least through the dark days of the pandemic. It’s been a major team effort! Despite being sometimes locked down, and always heavily masked up and socially distanced, they’ve all helped keep our community alive.

‘That sense of being in it together is part of what makes Sussex MS Centre the amazing, special place it is, but it does sometimes take a real effort. It’s brilliant when that effort is recognised, and that’s what’s made being part of the Sussex Community and Star Care Awards so very special. And to have our Local Hero Award celebrated for posterity with a plaque on Brighton Pier is the absolute icing on the cake! So, huge thanks again to all our heroes!

Local Hero winner strip