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Twosday Challenge




Fancy taking on a new challenge called the Twosday Challenge?!

Open to anyone of any age, it will run until you have completed your Challenge (there is no time limit). You just need to think of an activity you can do 22 times to raise at least £22- though it would be great if you could raise more!

All you need to do is:
• Think of your Twosday Challenge
• Take part
• Donate to Sussex MS Centre

Here are some ideas, but remember – the world is your oyster:
• 22 minutes of a new hobby
• Swimming 22 lengths
• attend the gym for 22 days
• baking 22 scones
• walking for 22 minutes every day for 22 days
• reading for 22 minutes
• completing 22 laps of your garden or park
• doing 22 sit-ups

If you can, please film yourself completing your Twosday Challenge and share your photos or videos with us so we can post on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you so much for your support- every single penny counts!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Ali on 01273 594 484.

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