Gary Hector


Hello, I’m Gary Hector, and I have a diverse entrepreneurial background spanning 25 years. Until recently I have been managing the software company I founded 10 years ago, delivering educational solutions to schools in over 60 countries.

My personal connections with several people living with MS, as well as my two-decades-long friendship with EJ, the Centre Manager, have given me valuable insights into the impact of MS on people’s lives, let me witness the incredible work accomplished by EJ and the entire team at the Centre, and made me passionate about helping to make a difference. So, after closely observing board meetings for some months, I became a trustee in May 2023.

The knowledge and expertise I have acquired through my entrepreneurial endeavours can provide valuable support to the Centre, and I aim to contribute from both a business and a technical standpoint. I am honoured to serve as a trustee and work alongside such a dedicated team.